90 years of Parola e Luraghi

1921 Parola e Luraghi Foundry was founded by Riccardo Parola and Santino Luraghi. The first factory, 1000 sq.m. was built in via Lomeni No. 10, near the residence of the relative founders. The foundry was specialized in iron castings for the construction of aqueducts.

1951 The new factory was built in Via Dante 89, where the Parola & Luraghi Foundry is now located. In those years, the foundry specialized primarily in iron castings for machine tools.

1994 The technology of the Parola e Luraghi Foundry changes with the installation of the FOUNDRY molding plant featuring 950 x 750 x 315 + 315 mm flasks. WORKING PLANT.

2001 80th anniversary of Parola e Luraghi Foundry. The company installs a DISAMATIC 2110 MK3 molding plant
which became operational in the fourth quarter of 2001.

2009 The building of Cerano facility begins.

2011 90th anniversary of Parola e Luraghi S.p.A. Foundry.

2015 Start of production facility in Cerano


The goal of our staff is the customer’s satisfaction


Lucia Bruno


Riccardo Parola
General Manager


Production and logistics



Massimo Luraghi
Foundry resp Magenta



Davide Simondo
Foundry resp Cerano



Alessandro Fusè
Sales Manager