Quality control
Parola e Luraghi pays a lot of attention to quality control. The quality system was developed in accordance with UNI
EN ISO 9001:2015. Parola & Luraghi was certified by IGQ Institute on 22 March 1993.

Chemical analysis
An optical emission spectrometer SPECTRO LAB is currently used for chemical analysis assessment










Metallographic analysis
This kind of analysis is realized with two inverted microscope NIKON EPIPHOT 200 with digital video camera
with computerized system for image acquisition and measurement capabilities.




Non-destructive testing
We can perform:
• ultrasonic inspection
• Magnetic-Particle test
• Die Penetrant
• Hardness testing

The foundry manages the environmental impact of its activities in accordance
with law provisions and guidelines from the “Best Available Techniques” documentation, in order to limit the impact of the foundry activity on the different environments. The company is currently registered with category Associations and in this concern has taken part since 2001 to most of important Exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Parola & Luraghi pays great attention also to staff training in both safety and technical areas. The goal in the latter is to look for the best Gating and Risering system for preventing the occurrence of defects in its products