Parola e Luraghi Spa is a foundry specialized in the production
of iron castings for different industrial sectors (general engineering,
tractors, industrial vehicles, earthmoving machines
and railway). The production capacity of around 60 tons/day.
The manufacturing process comprises the conventional steps
in foundry work:

• melting
• sand preparation
• molding
• casting
• shakeout
• finishing
• quality Control
• storage
The company is located, since its foundation in 1921, in the municipality of Magenta (MI), in an industrial zone surrounded by residential and agricultural areas. The factory in Via Dante, built in 1951, was modified over the
years and in 2003 renewed with the latest equipment, new offices (executive, administrative, sales, foundry methods, a metallographic laboratory). It includes a wing dedicated to finishing and warehouse and another dedicated to services for workers (dressing e refectory rooms). Several interventions for noise lessening and environmental improvement were also carried out. Parola e Luraghi produces grey and nodular iron castings
of any shape, of medium and large size with a Foundry horizontal molding plant, a semi-automatic IMF flaskless system and a hand molding department for producing here castings up to 3000 kg.