Gating & Risering systems are previously analyzed through simulation (“softwares SOLIDCast & FLOWCast”) for preventing the presence of both surface and internal defects that can occur during production. Using these softwares in concert with the data related to the production cycle we can develop the best rigging this is, the optimal position and dimensions for runner, gates and risers and the positioning of casting itself and the pouring temperature as well. FLOWCast shows visually the mold filling sequence and SOLIDCast clearly colors the critical areas of the model potentially prone to generate integrity defects. A CAD 3D system allows handling 3D drawings in electronic format.


The pattern draft
The minimum draft in a pattern is influenced by several factors including: the material of the pattern, its surface
finishing, the pattern shape,the condition of the pattern and the molding pressure.

In DISAMATIC installations  and FOUNDRY moulding machine it is advisable to keep to the following diagram:

Recommendations and important notes on the draft angles and tolerances – DISAMATIC

Recommendations and important notes on the draft angles and tolerances – FOUNDRY









The Parola e Luraghi Foundry can guarantee all the tolerances stated by the Law UNI ISO 8062/3 in respect of the tolerance DCTG 8/9/10 for the moulding machine and DCTG 11/12/13 for the no bake moulding. It is in any case suggested, upon your direct request, to agreed the required and needed tolerance before the orders.